Information for Foreign citizens​

Enrolment of foreign citizens

Step 1. Application process

For document submission and passing entrance tests the applicant must enter the Russian Federation. Entrance to the Russian Federation is carried out on a tourist visa or private invitations.

Enrollment documents:

1. Original document proving the identity notarized and translated to the Russian language in accordance with the established procedure;

2. Original document on education, the appendix to it, notarized translation to the Russian language in accordance with the established procedure;

3. Certificate of equivalence of the document on education received abroad (in the case stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation);

4. 2 photos 3х4 cm (for applicants who enroll by passing entrance tests conducted by the university)

When the applicants provide foreign diploma of higher education, which requires the legalization or apostille, the applicant can submit the document without legalization or apostille, and then submit the document with legalization or apostille, not later than the last day of acceptance of applications.

If the document submission broke the rules of Admission process the University returns the documents to the applicant in accordance with the return method specified in the application for admission.

Foreign citizens who have a foreign state document on education must, prior to submitting documents to the admission committee, pass an examination of the documents on education in Glavexpectcenter (Main State Center for Education Evaluation, Moscow, Russia Leninskiy prospekt 6, stroenie 3, phone: +7 (495) 317-17-10;   +7 (495) 665-00-15) or in the "Expert Center for Evaluation of Education Documents" (Saint-Petersburg, Marata street 27, room. 205 phone.: +7 (812) 602-23-30) and submit an expert opinion to the admission committee.

Attention!  Citizen of the Russian Federation in case of having second citizenship is considered by the Russian Federation only as a citizen of the Russian Federation, except for cases provided for by an international treaty of the Russian Federation or federal law (Art. 6 of the Federal Law of 31.05.2002. No. 62-FZ "On the Citizenship of the Russian Federation»)

Step 2.  Entrance Exams

Foreign citizens are enrolled in the university on the basis of the results of admission tests conducted at UMTE (without passing the United State Examination). If foreign citizens have completed their studies and passed the Unified State Examination (USE) in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to indicate the results of the USE when applying for admission.

All the examination tests at UMTE are conducted in Russian language in the test form (written).

Step 3.  Signing the educational contract, payment for education

Step 4.  Provide the following medical documents:

1. Form 086/у «Health certificate » (Medical professional comment) and/or

Medical statement on chronic conditions);

2. Certificate of the HIV-negative status of the applicant + fluorography;

3. Voluntary health insurance policy, that includes medical life insurance and repatriation in case of death, acts on the territory of the Russian Federation for one year;

ATTENTION! The policy of voluntary health insurance shall be prolonged by the foreign citizen annually for a period of 1 year, on expiration of the previous policy.

Step 5.  All the foreign citizens must be registered at the Federal Migration Service and check the entry documents (Passport, Migration card, visa) at the Migration office (Room 1-05, 70А, Kirenskogo street,  Krasnoyarsk. Phone: +7 (391) 2-912-072).

Rules of registration at the Federal Migration Service and rules of arrival, stay, residence for foreign citizens.

Step 6.  Enrollment.

University studies are carried out in Russian language.